Web Dashboard

Use Expin's web interface to create and manage as many experiences as you can.

App Interface

Use Expin's App interface to shortlist influencers, download their content, and  view their ratings.





Types of Approvals

Choose between 'Auto-Approve' to allow influencers to directly book an experience or a 'Waiting List' to approve the influencers you like.


Control Your Schedule

Pick the date/time that you would like your influencer to attend the Experience and limit the number of bookings at the same time. 


Unlimited Experiences

Our platform supports unlimited Experiences. You can create as many as you like and run them simultaneously.




Your Requirement

Specify exactly what you expect from your influencers, such as advertising a specific promotion or attending an upcoming event.


Influencer Selection

Get only the relevant influencers to view/book your Experiences by setting criteria like the type of influencer, gender, number of followers,  age, country of residence, and much more.


The Content

Download & get full usage rights for all content created by your influencer related to your Experience and use it across any platform. 




Easy To Use Interface

Accept or reject an influencer by simply swiping right to accept or left to reject them on the merchant app. 


Hand-Picked Influencers

The influencers on our network undergo a rigorous verification process and are vetted manually to ensure that they have the best relevant content/followers.


Reporting & Analytics


We will  provide you with a detailed monthly report on how many people saw your ads.


We will create them for you, until you are comfortable doing it on your own.



Decide what works for you.


Easily choose the kinds of influencers who you would like to have at your restaurant. Choose their number of followers, country and so much more.


Whether you want to promote Friday Brunch or Tuesday Ladies' Night, our platform allows you to amplify your ongoing campaigns and promotions by reaching a new target audience.



Next, use the Merchant App to easily review influencers, their content,

and demographics of their followers.


From the influencers who show interest, pick the ones whom you think perfectly fit your requirements.


Shortlist influencers by simply swiping right/left to accept/reject them.



Now, it's time for you to put on a show!


The approved influencers will show up and start promoting your Experience!

Serve up the best Instagram-worthy presentation you can for the influencers to share the best moments possible.




What is an Experience

An experience can be anything that your establishment (restaurant, hotel, spa dental clinic, event etc.) is offering. It could be a service, an event attendance or an activity. It just has to be fun and engaging enough for influencers to be interested in. So that they come, and entice their followers to check it out too.

What is the eligibility to become a part of the Expin app?

Currently, our service is only provided in the UAE. So, if you are in the UAE, have a cool experience to offer and are okay with receiving a minimum of 10 micro-influencers per month, you are good to go!

Do I have to pay the influencers?

No, you don't have to pay anything. You just have to do what you do best – make the influencers enjoy the experience so that they will spread the word by creating cool content for their followers about your experience.

How do I create an experience?

If you are just starting off with Expin, drop us your contact details . Our Contact Manager will connect with you to help you create your first few experiences. Once you are familiar with the process, creating an experience yourself will be a breeze.

Can I choose the influencers?

Yes, absolutely! You can set many filters we have made available for you so only the influencers who fit your criteria can see/book your experience. Influencers who do not match your requirement will not be able to see your experience, hence saving you filtering time. For an additional nominal fee, you also have the option to put your experience in the "Waiting List" campaign type and handpick the influencers you would like to book your experience!

Can I use the content created by the influencer on my social media?

Yes 100%. After the influencer uploads the content, you will have full usage rights. All the content will be available for you to download directly from the mobile app in full resolution.

How do I know that the influencers dont have fake followers?

While completely identifying fake followers is almost impossible, we do have a rigorous process to detect them. Our network of approved influencers undergoes a thorough vetting process that includes both manual verification and intelligent tools we have built to examine behaviour. We even reject influencers who have real followers but their followers do not match the target audience of local market. This is an ongoing process, so even after approving an influencer, we continuously monitor them to ensure they are compliant with our fair advertising policy.

What if I am not happy with the generated content?

Unfortunately since this is not a paid campaign, the content is given on an as-is basis, think about it as a review, and not an advertisement. However, we ask that you please tell us what you didn't like, and we will help clarify it further the experience description for future influencer' bookings to ensure that the content they create matches your expectations.

How much is the pricing?

We have different slabs of pricing, each tailored to fit your specific needs/budget. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Can I have a trial period?

We are currently running a beta launch promotion that allows you to try our services for 3 months only instead of the annual contract. Depending on the experience you are willing to provide, you may be eligibe for a 50% discount for a limited time.

What are Credits and how do they work?

To invite influencers to promote your business, you will need credits, and depending on the package you choose, you will receive credits on a monthly basis. Currently 1 credit allows you to invite 1 influencer on the auto-approve campaign-type, however if you are subscribed to the waiting-list campaign type, it will cost you 2 credits per influencer invitation. For more information on how credits work, feel free to contact us directly.