• Vruksha Mawani

Auto Approve vs Waiting List Campaign

When creating an experience, there are two types of approvals you can select, the Auto-approve, and the waiting list campaign type. This article explains the difference, pros and cons of each of the types to clarify which should work best for you influencer marketing strategy.

Auto approve campaign is when you create filters of your choice, and so long as the influencer fits these criteria, the influencer will be able to redeem your offer instantly without the need for your approval. For example, you can set parameters such as if any Emirati female food blogger with at least 50k followers, automatically approve their request. If an influencer fits this exact criterion, they will be able to redeem your offer. This campaign type is automated by the system.


  • It is the cheaper costing you 1 credit per collaboration instead of 2 credits.

  • The campaign moves at a much faster pace. Influencers prefer this type of approval as it is instant redemption.

  • If you add the voucher codes, then the campaign will be fully automated reducing any amount of manhours required from your end.


  • Less control over who the choice of influencers

Waiting List campaign is a customized setting wherein you will be able to pick an influencer of your choice that fits your pre-defined criterion. Meaning even if the influencer fits all your criteria, they still need to be reviewed and approved by you via the merchant mobile app.


  • Choice of selected and curating your own influencer list

  • The option of hyper-targeting

  • More control over the campaign


  • Expensive as compared to the other campaign

  • Slower paced campaign


If you require a massive boost with minimal manual effort, we recommend the Auto-approve campaign type, however, if you want to ensure every influencer is aligned to your business's brand image, then we recommend you opt for the waiting-list campaign type.

For more information on the campaign approval type, please feel free to reach out to your account manager directly.

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