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How To Hand-Pick Influencers For Your Social Media Campaign: A Guide

Influencer marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts - but no decision is more important in crafting your campaign than picking the right influencers. They're the heart and soul of all the content creation. And it's important that you hand-pick them after a proper vetting process - not a quick Google Search! How to do that?

Cross-Match Number Of Followers To Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is perhaps the most important metric you must consider. It'll help you determine effectively which influencers you should work with based on the outreach of their content. Let us illustrate this with an example. For instance, we have Influencer A, who has 300,000 Instagram followers, but gets an average of only 1,000 views per post. On the other hand, we have Influencer B, who has 90,000 Instagram followers but gets an average of 3,000 views per post. Although initially you may be inclined to choose Influencer A solely based on the number of followers, after cross-matching with the engagement rate, Influencer B would be the best choice.

Check The Frequency Of Posts

Social media algorithms constantly favor fresh content over anything else. This is why it's important that the Influencers you choose are posting on a regular basis. Even if the engagement or the number of followers is high enough, but the user has a small number of posts, you're better off choosing someone else!

Audience Location Matters

When it comes to analyzing the demographics of the Influencers' followers - location is crucial. If the user lives in Dubai, but the majority of their audience is based outside Dubai - they're not the right fit. Similarly, if they speak a foreign language and are just catering to a non-native audience - they shouldn't make it through the vetting process. While numbers do matter a lot - you would benefit more from accepting someone whose audience is based in Dubai - even if they have a smaller following.

Analyze The Quality Of Previous Sponsored Posts

Look at the previous sponsored posts as the Influencers' portfolio. Do they look too fake or scripted? You don't want it. Are they unoriginal or unconvincing? Skip!

The higher the quality of the content, the stronger the call-to-action to audiences will be. Therefore, it's important you choose influencers who post unique, original content that garners organic engagement.

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