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How to do Influencer Marketing for Your Restaurant Business?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 restaurants shut their operations within 18 months of launch?

Also, ever wondered why one out of every two similar restaurants situated in close proximity always seems to have more customers than the other?

Believe it or not, there are so many variables that function together to make your restaurant business work.

One of them is marketing. You may cook the best food in town or have the friendliest restaurant staff but people aren’t going to fill up the place if they don’t know you exist.

Ladies and gentlemen, word-of-mouth marketing still works!

Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss the best form of word-of-mouth marketing available for your restaurant today – Influencer Marketing.

Why Do Influencer Marketing For Restaurants Anyway?

Let’s get some facts straight.

· A whopping 69% of the millennials today photograph their meal at a restaurant and share with their friends on social media.

· Almost 30 percent of the millennials confirm that they won’t try a restaurant if they didn’t like their Instagram page.

· 75% of the Dubai foodies do decide where to dine from the comments, photos, and recommendation on social media.

· 71% of consumers are more likely to follow social media influencers who create content on food.

Who’d have wondered that a 10-word sentence could do so much for a restaurant business? Well, influencer marketing definitely works and it just keeps getting better when you start using it to promote your restaurant.

Influencers are people on the Internet who have amassed massive fan following on social media by providing value to their audience, mostly Dubai foodies, over a period of time. They work hard at making their name in the market and provide authentic content to their audience.

The question, however, is how a restaurant owner should go about executing on the idea of influencer marketing?

Well, that’s a good question because to get influencer marketing right, you will have to come up with a plan that will help you break down the challenges into workable modules.

So, let’s get started.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Influencer Marketing Right

1. Get The Best Dishes Ready

Now that you have finalized which influencers you want to go forward with, it’s time focus on what you would like to offer the influencer.

You would want to make the best impression on the influencer and make him or her feel at home. To do that, you should look up to your restaurant menu and discuss with your team about what they’d like the influencer to have.

The dishes you shortlist must reflect the personality and vibe of your restaurant – something that makes every restaurant unique.

2. Choosing a Table with Great Lighting

Oh, you got to provide your social media influencer with brilliant lighting.

This is mainly because creating content that is picture-perfect has a lot to do with good lighting.

Perfect lighting conditions will help the influencer to appreciate the aesthetics of the dish and also speak of his dining with much articulation.

3. Create Perfect Conditions for the Influencer

Creating content is not easy, especially when the conditions are not on your side. Ask any influencer and he’ll tell you that the most important things that affect the content quality are sound and lighting.

Make sure you create a separate space for the influencer so that there’s zero disturbance and he can experience the best quality your restaurant has to offer.

However, if you are looking to promote the hustle-bustle in the restaurant, which for some is the reason to check a place out, you might want to make the influencer sit among the rest of the diners.

4. Be Ready with Insights You Want People to Know

Your staff, especially the head chef, should be ready with something to say about the dish Influencer’s trying or about what makes the restaurant different from others.

The head chef should be made responsible for cooking a delicious special for the Influencer and highlight the USPs of the dish, the restaurant, and the dining experience.

5. Schedule the Event with the Influencer

It’s time you or your marketing team starts reaching out to the influencers you’ve shortlisted. When doing that, you will have to entice them with incentives they can never say no to.

If you are on a shoe-string budget, which can be a situation for restaurants that have just begun operations, you can simply tell them how much you appreciate their work. Offer them a free dinner or lunch at your place and hope for the best.

Let them know how much you’d love to have them in their restaurant and get featured in the content they prepare on social media.

Make sure you come up with a schedule that works best for the influencer and have a table booked just for him or her to make content.

6. Share the Concept of Your Restaurant

The restaurant owner should share why the restaurant’s concept sets it on the right path to create a perfect customer experience.

The influencer should be walked through how the restaurant theme and design came into being and what all that happened in the making of your restaurant.

You’d want his followers, mostly Dubai foodies, to know everything that would make them say – “Hey! I want to eat at this restaurant, today!”

7. Mention the Special Offers and Discounts

To boost the impact of influencer’s content on the audience; you can create special offers, discounts, or loyalty programs for the customers.

You should ask the influencer to share discounts and offers your restaurant is currently running.

It’s true that people get persuaded by attractive discounts and this can help you get many customers knocking on your door.

8. Personalize the Settings for the Influencer

Oh, this is big. People love to have their names on things and you can make the day for the influencer by creating a special menu that has a dish named after him.

This will make the influencer feel special and cared for by the restaurant staff. People watching the content will be influenced by the care and hospitality of your restaurant staff and might expect a similar level of love and care once they step foot in the restaurant.

Prepare the most popular or liked dish of your restaurant and put the influencer’s name on it. You can even create a personalized reserved card.

Wrapping Up

Influencer marketing has helped thousands of restaurants achieve their business objectives and it’s time you leverage this modern-day form of word-of-mouth marketing.

We hope this piece of content brought great value to you and helped you promote your restaurant using influencers.

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