• Vruksha Mawani

Restaurant Influencer Marketing: Beyond the Looks.

See this picture above? Well, she is an influencer who is very good looking... but the question is what about her followers, audience relevance, are her followers real? In other words, will collaborating with this influencer potentially lead to acquiring new customers for your business?

This scenario is all too common with restaurant owners trying to decide which influencers to collaborate with.

It's not the right time to be wasting resources

No matter how small the investment may seem, if you are sending free food to an influencer whose audience is irrelevant to your target customers, you will almost be likely giving away a meal to a stranger for free. This is not marketing.

See the audience insights before agreeing

The problem with influencer Y is, a brand is persuading an audience that can't become customers due to geographical restrictions.

Influencer Y could be the most good looking influencer but the question is, are they helping your business grow? and are you achieving results you expected?

A better approach would obviously be digging deep, which is where you are bound to work with influencer X. The fact that their audience is based in the city your restaurant is a plus on its own! It is so important to look into the data of an influencer to understand what the impact of sending food to them will be. Its simple, if the influencer has audience in the UAE there is a high chance they will order from your restaurant or even end up visiting and recommending it further which is the whole point of influencer marketing (WORD OF MOUTH)

Ask for the video views screenshots after collaborating

Influencer marketing works, when done correctly, and there's no magic formula, it's really trial, error, then optimize.

We have made it easy for you to see what campaigns have worked for you and what campaigns didn't. All our influencers will upload their insights showing you exactly what you get in exchange for the meal offered. This is marketing.

Below is some data gather by Expin app to help you understand the insights and importance of making sure you go beyond looks.

Here is an example of influencer Y - For demonstration purposes only.

No matter how good looking or creative the content is, if your business purpose and intent to generate new customers to your delivery business, this type may not be the best suitable to match your objectives.

Here is an example of influencer X - For demonstration purposes only.

Influencer X, on the other hand, is a lot more likely to reach your potential target audience, with enough repetition, the right incentives offers, you are more likely to see a steady increase in your delivery business of new customers.

For more information on how expin gathers insights, please feel free to ask your account manager directly.

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