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Ways to enhance restaurant delivery orders!

In the time before COVID-19 ripped across the world, social media influencers were a small but notorious staple of the hospitality industry with a reputation for always being on the hunt for opportunities to “collaborate" with hotels and restaurants. While hoping Instagram photos would appeal to thousands of potential new customers in terms of delivery during these current times.

While it seems shocking that restaurants would hand out free food to influencers at a time when the situation for the industry is dire, many restaurants are looking for the best way to promote their pivots to takeout and delivery in the hopes of staying alive until they can fully reopen. With the footfall decreasing as well as significant print outlets on halt, social media, especially food bloggers, are the next best alternative. The minor cost of delivering a meal to an influencer might pay off with thousands of engaged followers looking for a recommendation. 

Here are things you can do while combating the current situation and delivering food to influencers in the region:

1. Presentation is vital while sending out delivery

While delivering to influencers it is so important that you ensure the food delivered looks visually delightful in order for influencers to create content. They must enjoy eating the food as well as taking photos of it in order to get a good review for the restaurant. A few things you can do is send out a reusable placemat if available with restaurant information so that it could be used as a backdrop for images. Lastly you can also make sure that the finishing and garnishing for each item is done correctly without any errors. Attention to detail is very important in order to stay on top of your delivery game.

2. Coordinate with influencers and stay up to date with promo codes

The easiest way to do this is to set up a unique promo code that influencers can mention to their followers.  By doing so, you will be able to track the traffic or sales that the particular influencer has attracted through their stories. Another way to use promo code is, if you have delivery partners ensure that you are aware of any codes on those platforms. Be sure to mention and coordinate, as well as ensure that the promotional code is communicated to each influencer.

3. Hygiene – ensure you are fully capable of showing utmost steps taken towards hygiene

The World Health Organization (WHO) previously issued precautionary recommendations with regard to food safety, including advice on following good hygiene practices during food handling and preparation, such as washing hands, cooking meat thoroughly and avoiding potential cross-contamination between cooked and uncooked foods. Restaurants are surely taking responsibility and practicing personal hygiene - whether at home or when out and about in order to stay precocious and take that extra step to further enhance their existing safety steps. It is very important that you reassure that fact that you are taking extra precautionary methods to be hygienic and that is highly practised at the restaurants before handing over a delivery.

4. No plastic while delivery promote using utensils at home

Avoid the usage of plastic and cutlery sent to influencers, encourage them to use what is available at home. This will be then further encouraged by them to their viewers as a part of giving back to the environment. It can be a great tool to be socially responsible towards the environment. Another alternative is to send wooden spoons and cardboard packaging in order to promote the use of recyclable packaging. 

5. Contactless delivery 

While food orders are expected to surge, there have been measures taken to ensure the public safety by introducing contactless deliveries. The rider will connect with the consumer and will place the order by the door.  All of this to ensure a healthy and safe community and it also keeps the job of the delivery helpers safe and intact.

6. Personalized notes sent to each influencer

Let’s face it, influencers get sent gifts all the time which means brands need to step up their game to make their gifts stand out among the rest. One of the best ways to do this is to personalize the gifting note. Add in a handwritten note to say that the meal was prepared specially for them. It is also worth mentioning how and what went into preparing the meal and lastly it is important to mention the handle of your restaurant for them to easily tag you and then end the note with a thank you and stay safe to make them feel good! 

7. Cater to all diets, vegan-gluten free or vegetarian – it’s a way to show that you can serve to many types of people

It is important to research the preference of an influencers diet, the trend of adapting to diets like Keto and Veganism is highly in demand. During these times it is important to cater to most of them in order to keep things personal. Ensure that you as a restaurant mention that you are able to cater to the needs of any sort of diet.

8. Create a catchy hashtag for your restaurant 

Lastly, in order to create a campaign out of the whole experience come up with creative content ideas. Get consumers and influencers to mention a catchy and viral hashtag so that there is an increase in word of mouth marketing. The best way to approach the same is via mentioning the name of your restaurant along with a fun and exciting emotion to keep the level of positivity and motivation high.  

Food delivery is growing, both in sales and usage. These increases were driven by online ordering. In terms of individual meals, growth of dinner deliveries has been flat, while increases have occurred for meals that used to be less commonly delivered: breakfast and lunch.

Photo credits: Unsplash.

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