Best Facebook Influencer Marketing 2022 – 2023

Influencer marketing on Facebook is an excellent way to reach potential clients. There are significantly more Facebook users than Instagram users, and posts are simple. In addition, because the same firm acquires both networks, it is easy to repurpose and purchase supplemental paid ads. If your company or agency is heavily invested in Instagram, it may sound odd to use Facebook. Now you can get the best Facebook influencer marketing campaigns at Expin. 



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What is Facebook Influencer? 

Facebook is an excellent platform for locating influencers and maximizing efforts on social media. Numerous companies use social influencers to raise brand awareness and gain potential customers. Influencers on Facebook can assist you in reaching a new audience and establishing trust in the brand. In today's digital age, most people have favorite online influencers with whom they interact. These influencers' supporters genuinely trust them, making it easy for them to advertise products to their viewers. 


Types of Facebook Influencers: 

Influencers on Facebook are content creators who share their experience and knowledge and have power in their field. They have most likely established a community, are thought representatives, and have helped influence their choices: 


  • Micro-Influencers on Facebook: 

These social media influencers typically have up to 50,000 followers. Because they have smaller communities, micro-influencers wield more authority over their audiences. As a result, they can devote more time to each of their supporters and interact with them individually. 


  • Mid-tier Facebook Influencers: 

These influencers have a larger audience of 100,000 to 500,000 followers. This type of supporter positions themselves as specialists in their fields, earning the audience's respect and recognition for their expertise. Mid-tier Facebook influencers can start advertising for a broader range of brands and serve as brand ambassadors. 


  • Macro Facebook Influencers: 

These influencers have over one million followers and are frequently the most expensive type of Facebook influencer for brands. The most common category of a macro-Facebook influencer is a celebrity, and they might become ambassadors of brands and support a broad range of goods. 

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How Much Do Facebook Influencers Cost? 

Facebook influencers charge an average of $20 per post for every 1k followers. Some examples of potential Facebook influencers' marketing prices: An influencer with 10k followers could charge $200 per post, and a 100k-follower influencer might charge $2200 per post. 


How to Find Facebook influencers? 

Any popular Facebook influencer marketing campaign on social media or any other social media platform begins with a search for the best Facebook influencers who can exclusively serve the brand's needs. Here is a step-by-step about how to find influencers on Facebook for marketing: 


  • Manual Searching: 

Users can conduct the influencer search straightforwardly on Facebook. Simply enter keywords related to your field into the search tab and look for Facebook group pages. This kind of search will assist you in locating influential topic groups by casting a broad net and reeling it in. However, it is far from 'extensive.' Because Facebook's native search tool is limited, you can miss out on many groups you can promote. 


  • Check Your Competitors: 

Recognizing what the competitors do and who they work with to advertise their goods can provide you with a wealth of information. In addition, you can improve business strategies by gaining knowledge about the types of influencers employed by competitors for collaboration. You can also understand the approaches they use to communicate with their audiences. 

Utilizing social listening tools, you can learn everything there is to know about the competitors' influencer advertising campaigns from start to finish. First, they will monitor the relevant Facebook interactions about the business. Then, they can offer more detailed statistics when the program analyzes the tone of the exchanges, influencer posts with competing companies' sponsorships, competitors' promotional material, and much more. 


  • Track Keyword: 

Track your industry keywords related to your brand and product to narrow your search to your industry or niche. For example, instead of just searching for 'coffee,' imagine you own a coffee brand. You can also experiment with different varieties of coffee. You can hit the proper tone with your clients if you search as accurately and precisely as possible. 

A topic cloud feature is available in some social media listening tools. With its assistance, you can quickly determine which phrases and keywords are most common in the industry niche. Then, you can use these statistics to identify industry trends, discover negative and positive feedback on the product, and browse for posts related to the topic. 

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  • Analyze Influencers: 

You must ensure that the influencer you select is trustworthy. Pay heed to the influencer, examine their growth curve and ensure they have a real audience. To compare metrics, you can use social media listening tools to generate detailed influencer reports. For example, examine whether the influencers have material related to the items you sell and how they arrange their content. 

Examine how effectively an influencer interacts with their audience by answering questions and starting conversations on the comments page, the number of people in the group, and the proportion of them actively engaged with likes, comments, and post sharing. Verifying that the commentators have legitimate profiles and aren't bots is critical. 


  • Outreach Successfully: 

After carefully analyzing all the influencers and selecting the best ones for the brand, the next is to reach out to them. Sort your influencers by category. Start by sorting the social media influencers from macro or micro instead of the initial email address. This method will assist you in reducing the number of rejections and developing your strategies to communicate with them. Create an eye-catching notification in which you explain who you are and why you want to work with the influencer.  


How to Measure Facebook's Influence? 

You can measure Facebook's Influence by considering the following metrics: 


  • Engagement: 

This metric counts the number of people who have directly responded to the post in some way. It is usually bigger than volume but less than reach. This would include, of course, preferences, shares, and comments. It also tracks users to click on an image, watch a video, and click on a link. Also, it tracks users to click on the name of the individual who commented and the site name. It is a measurable indicator of interest; however, you must crunch the figures to get the complete picture. 


  • Organic Reach: 

Organic reach is yet another metric to be aware of for the Facebook page. This excludes paid reach and extends to people who aren't page fans. Organic reach differs from volume in that it considers not only the amount of direct unique (hits) on the post but also how several other people are aware of that initial encounter through shares, responses, and clicks. If you are on Facebook, you will be notified whenever a companion shares or likes a specific fan page. In addition, your friends will see it on their newsfeeds if you click on it or engage with it. As you might expect, the aim involves a larger group of people than volume. 


  • Influence: 

Influence is among the things that Facebook Pages do not track. Social media users look to influencer marketing to guide their behavior, and if users play the best cards, they can become an influencer with the Facebook page. Even so, measuring influence is debatable due to the degree of interpretation that impacts the results generated by various tools. The type and quantity of conversations on the post are used to calculate your score by the mechanisms. You can also employ these tools to identify individuals who are driving traffic to the posts so that you may engage with them more thoroughly and directly. 

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How to find facebook influencer


Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Influencer Marketing Program: 

If you want to use Facebook influencer marketing, here are some tips for creating a successful Instagram influencer marketing program: 


  • Unboxing: 

Over 100k people search for "unboxing." These clips show influencers unboxing innovative products and sharing their initial thoughts. Big brands have used these videos to generate interest in their product launches. These videos bring customers on a digital journey to discover a new product, assisting them in determining whether or not the advertisements are reliable. The videos will significantly increase sales if the product lives up to its hype. Related videos on Facebook have previously resulted in an 80% increase in business sales. Customers' memory spans are only eight seconds, which means that these creative and short clips can provide helpful insight for the viewer and the brand. 


  • Hashtag Campaigns: 

A famous Facebook influencer marketing strategy is to run hashtag campaigns. You can generate an exclusive hashtag based on the campaign's objective to attract users' attention and conception. When influencers use these hashtags, they help people find new brands. In addition, because they are accessible online and clickable, they allow the brand to interact with people actively looking for such hashtags. 


  • Facebook Live: 

Facebook Live events increase audience participation and brand awareness, and they are appealing because they allow users to attend these occasions without leaving home. To advertise the event further, you can create a landing page on Facebook Live and send party invites to influencers, and they can live stream the promotional event once they have entered it. Attendees may follow the page and invite others to participate. 


Wrap Up

Facebook is an excellent platform for influencer marketing. Because there are so many participants, brands can reach diverse buyer personas. Facebook has become a welcoming environment for marketing. You can grow your business through influencers using Expin, one of the best influencer researching platforms worldwide.




Who is the best Facebook influencer? 

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular Facebook influencer, with over 100 million likes. People love everything about him, including photos of him playing soccer, athletic shoes, and gear advertisements. 


How much do Facebook influencers charge? 

Micro Facebook influencers cost ($100 - $500) per post

Mid-tier Facebook influencers cost ($500 - $5,000) per post 

Macro influencers ($5k - $10k) per post 


What is the best way to reach Facebook influencers? 

The direct approach is sending emails or a social networking message to the Facebook influencer and requesting them to collaborate. Another method is creating a page where influencers interested in collaborating could sign up. Several other businesses employ a combination of these strategies. 


How impactful is Facebook influencer marketing? 

Content marketing is especially effective in driving sales when combined with other advertisements. For example, compared to standard ads alone, Facebook campaigns combining frequent ads and influencer ads are 80% more likely to encourage people to add goods to carts.