Best Instagram Influencer Marketing 2022 - 2023

Instagram influencers are popular users with a distinct capability to influence others, established authenticity, and a considerable following. An influencer is described in marketing as a person who can influence new consumers of a service or product. 

What is an Instagram Influencer?

An Instagram influencer typically has a significant number of followers and a higher incidence of engagement. Due to their validity and integrity, they can convince others to purchase something. Their availability on different social media platforms affects the market. Influencer marketing is becoming more popular as buyers trust influencers more often than manufacturers. You can employ various marketing tactics to achieve objectives as an entrepreneur or marketer. You can get the best influencer marketing campaigns at

Instagram is constantly adding advanced features to keep its audience engaged. However, brands need help to connect with their active audiences, and Instagram influencer marketing is becoming an essential component of marketing techniques. 


Types of Instagram Influencers:


Influencer marketing has proven to be highly effective. Once brands collaborate with suitable Instagram influencers, their businesses start to grow. Selecting the right Instagram influencer is the first step. Depending on the number of followers, there are five types of Instagram influencers: 


  • Nano Instagram Influencers: 

Nano influencers have an Instagram following of (1k-10k) people, and they have the highest percentage of active participation (8.8%). The information is hyper-authentic and individualized for the audience. Because these influencers are inexpensive, brands with limited resources or those looking to launch a new venture can engage them. 


  • Micro Instagram Influencers 

Micro-influencers have 10k to 50k followers. Despite having a large follower, the micro-Instagram influencer is considered believable and tends to connect with their followers. Brands can connect directly with these influencers through sponsorship. These Instagram influencers are classified as niche-specific. 


  • Mid-tier Instagram influencers: 

Mid-tier influencers are influential content producers who have earned the trust of their fans. With (50K-500K) Instagram followers, these influencers provide more participation and a greater reach than macro or mega Instagram influencers. The content isn't outdated but refined, familiar, and genuine. 


  • Macro Instagram influencers: 

Macro-influencers are influencers with a following of (500k to 1 million) people. Celebrities, television personalities, vloggers, content producers, and athletes are examples of these influencers. They have built their audience over several weeks or years. 


  • Mega Instagram influencers: 

Mega-influencers have more than one million followers and are among the most prominent on social media because of their celebrity status. They are very active on Instagram but receive fewer engagements due to the Instagram algorithms. Because they are superstars, you will need a lot of money to work with them. 

image of a chart showing types of influencers by reach
Types of Instagram Influencers


How Much Do Instagram Influencers Cost? 

Instagram influencer marketing has become an efficient way to reach all target markets. However, the price of an Instagram influencer can vary significantly depending on a person's posting frequency, business objectives, and other factors. Nevertheless, Instagram influencer marketing provides numerous ways for all brands to boost their content, establish more direct and organic interactions, plus relate with all consumers. 

Instagram is a popular social media platform for Instagram influencer marketing. The influencer marketing costs on this platform range from $10 to $100 for each post and can reach over $10,000. However, it exceeds $1 million for famous people. 


How to Find Instagram Influencers? 

One of the most challenging decisions to make if you want to focus on the influencer marketing tendency is deciding which influencers to use. There are numerous influencers. When evaluating various influencer advertising strategies, think further than celebrities. Before beginning any influencer marketing campaigns, make sure you understand your objectives. Here is the step-by-step guide about how to find Instagram influencers: 


- Check your Followers

One way of finding Instagram influencers is to search your own Instagram account. Potential influencers are frequently followers with a large number of followers, and they will share a lot of information about their chosen sector. If it is yours, users should pay attention. For example, they may follow you because of that fantastic product you released a few years ago.

Because of innovative products or excellent services in their market segment, your brand maintains its interest. 

When you've noticed such a person on the profile, check to see if they're engaging with the content or posting a picture of the brand. Such guys are already offering you free publicity, so it may be time to pay them as appreciation. Even so, followers are familiar with hearing this influencer talk about the product for free, so paid advertising has to be better. 


- Relevant Hashtag Searches

The hashtag is an essential part of any effective Instagram marketing strategy. These could be branded hashtags, analytical terms specific to an industry, or even advertising slogans. When learning how and where to find Instagram influencers, you must comprehend hashtag searches, regardless of the type of hashtags used in the industry. Of course, some businesses have a wide range of relevant hashtags, whereas others are more limited.

Much of this is determined by the size of the company. When conducting these hashtag searches, keep track of who is creating related content. Some of these individuals will be casual hobbyists or have a primarily academic passion for the industry; others will be the main influences. The majority of followers and a greater-than-average engagement rate are two indicators. You should also check to see if there are any sponsored posts. 


Followers of Competitors

Companies may face competitive pressure depending on the sector, and there needs to be more business to go around. Or everyone does well. However, there is room for advancement. You can identify influencers in your industry by researching your competitors' followers. If you find a significant influencer who isn't interested in your social media page, you can do a few things to pique their interest.

You could, for example, try some common techniques. These include providing influencers with giveaways or trials of the service or product. There is usually a way to reach these people outside of Instagram. You can also follow them and observe how long it takes for the influencer to look at one's profile. 


Relevant Google Searches 

On Instagram, the answer can sometimes be obscure. Instead, running Google searches is more efficient for locating what you're looking for. Knowing how to search Instagram influencers in multiple locations is critical for long-term success if you already interacted with some of them. Every moment you add an Instagram influencer to the team, you can reach out to new members with marketing messages. One reason to use Google is to look for a specific market segment on Instagram. 

Influencer Marketing Tools

There are Instagram influencer marketing tools available. You can use marketing tools to see who is involved in sponsored tasks and contact them. Other devices can perform specific tasks to help the campaigns. 

Influencer Marketing Tools
Influencer Marketing Tools


How to Measure Instagram's influence? 

Instagram is among the most famous social media platforms, so your agency must monitor the right Instagram metrics. You can then adjust their strategy on social media and try to guide them appropriately. Here are some metrics for measuring Instagram influence:

  • Story Engagement

It's as simple as tapping up to track the engagement of an Instagram story. Once you've uploaded a report to the client's Instagram Business page, press the (eye) icon to see who viewed it. To see how your account is doing, click the graph icon to show a summary of shares, stickers, replies, and profiles.

  • Website Traffic

Instagram can be a strong driver of traffic to the site. However, Instagram is less limiting than other social platforms in driving traffic to a landing page because you can't add link tags to each post. So, the platform only allows a link in the profile, and brands with more than 10,000 followers can add swipe-up links to stories.

  • Comments on Post

Likes on Instagram are nice, but comments are more valuable regarding engagement. While tapping the "like" button takes only a second, typing a comment takes time and thought. When somebody leaves a comment, it demonstrates that you piqued their interest.

  • Link Clicks:

Now that you understand how much traffic Instagram drives to the site, you can determine which particular links and stories were clicked. In addition, you can improve the Instagram data analysis by creating URLs with UTM criteria that instructs the advanced analytics about the origin of specific profile visits. UTM parameters are information-based tags that you add to your regular URL.


Tips for Creating a Successful Instagram Influencer Marketing Program: 

Influencer marketing is an effective way to increase the brand's social media accessibility. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for making this strategy work, but with proper research and planning, almost any business can benefit. Here are some tips for creating a successful Instagram Influencer marketing program: 


  • Find Influencers: 

Select the platform on which you would like to focus first. Of course, you could eventually branch out to other platforms, but if you are just starting, stick to one. Your brand should be present on this network or try to increase its presence there. If you need help knowing where to start, social listening can help you identify what people are talking about the industry, product, and the most influential individuals on every platform. 


  • Set a Budget: 

You must create a budget. Then, remember to include time to plan, complete, and review the influencer program. An effective influencer marketing campaign is more than just a one-and-done strategy. 

  • Set on Goals: 

The two primary objectives for utilizing influencer marketing are to boost sales and brand awareness. Rather than focusing on these broad objectives as your first two, it is more effective to begin the strategy by focusing on the brand's necessities. For example, you'd like to expand your customer base among younger people.

Wrap Up

Instagram influencers are a diverse bunch. Individuals of any age, nationality, or life experience can populate a niche. Personal interests span various activities, from travel and cars to food preparation and crafts. Furthermore, people can be influencers in both business and personal matters. You can grow your business through influencers using Expin, the best online marketing campaign platform.


a. Who is the best Instagram influencer? 

Lele Pons is an American celebrity who rose to prominence through social media. She became well-known on the now-defunct Vine when it was shut down in 2016 and was the first (Viner) to attain one billion followers. Next she concentrated on producing comedy content for YouTube, where she has over 17 million subscribers. In addition, she is a Tarte Cosmetics brand ambassador and has also participated in modeling and singing. 


b. How much do Instagram influencers charge? 

The following are the basic Instagram influencer prices


  • Nano Instagram influencers ($10 - $100) per post 
  • Micro Instagram influencers ($100 - $500) per post 
  • Mid-tier Instagram influencers ($500 - $5,000) per post 
  • Macro Instagram influencers ($5000 - $10,000) per post 
  • Mega Instagram influencers ($10,000+) per post 


c. What is the best way to reach Instagram influencers? 

You could approach influencers in a variety of ways. Instagram email and DMs are the most commonly used methods whereas Instagram direct messages are an informal method to contact them. If you use DMs for outreach, maintain them short because there is a 1k character limit. 


d. How impactful is Instagram influencer marketing? 

Instagram influencer marketing is effective. The platform has the highest percentage of engagement of any social media channel. Instagram seems to have a 3% average engagement rate, whereas the rest of the social media networks have 1.5%.