Best YouTube Influencer Marketing 2022 – 2023

YouTube became the first social media platform for influencer marketing. A few channels have compiled an audience that rivals television and achieves the same fame level as celebrity endorsers. YouTube has created a new generation of artistic talent, and its marketing strategy has risen in popularity. YouTube ranks second only to Facebook in terms of active users per month and gives rise to all social media sites in video views. 


What is YouTube Influencer? 


A YouTube influencer is a person who has established a lot of followers on the site by positioning themselves as a specialist in a niche. Because of their channel, YouTubers can set trends and influence the viewers. As a result, companies are increasingly relying on YouTube influencers to promote their products to a large audience. 

Youtuber influencers may also be able to make recommendations and provide information to others searching to purchase a specific item or service. Actors, stylists, and clothing influencers are among the most popular channels. Generating YouTube videos enables them to share their skills, reach viewers, and in some situations, even earn money from their video content. 

Youtube Influencer Marketing
Youtube Influencer

Types of YouTube Influencers: 

As a brand, you must perform thorough research to select the ideal influencer who matches the brand's voice, target market, aesthetic, and more. Before working with a YouTube influencer, you should determine which video form is best for the service or product. Here are the different types of YouTube influencers


  • Haul Video YouTube Influencers: 

A haul video is one in which a YouTube advertiser discusses and reviews various products that the vlog purchased during a "shopping spree" or "buying haul." This video category emphasizes numerous factors that potential clients are concerned about, including the brand itself, cost, quality, etc. The influencer demonstrates each product on their YouTube channel and provides in-depth viewpoints about the product usage, their expertise with the good or service, or even comparative of the product to competing ones in the market. These videos are most commonly used to display various low-cost or modestly priced products linked or part of a more extensive collection. Aesthetic, fashion, and way of life are the most common sectors for these videos. 


  • Unboxing Video YouTube Influencers: 

Unboxing videos are another common type of YouTube video. An unboxing video shows an advertiser opening each product they purchased or received as a gift from such a brand. Then, people unbox the product and give an in-depth overview that includes their first experiences, use cases, and other factors. This type of video is typically used for more expensive items, such as gadgets or new tech. YouTube influencers are using these videos to assist their supporters in deciding whether a significant object is worth the price and provides value - frequently before it arrives on the market. As a result, their reviews are typically more informative than a haul video and concentrate on a single product. 


  • Vloggers: 

A vlogger YouTube influencer shares their daily routine, opinions, and feelings while talking to an imaginary audience. More than almost any other sort of influencer-generated clip-on YouTube, subscriptions to famous vlogs are going to follow a personality. Vlogs allow viewers to understand the influencer, encouraging a stronger bond and unity between viewers and the influencer. Because of the unscripted format, information in a vlog is generally more authentic, and topics centered on a single theme are introduced more naturally. Aside from sponsorships mentions or product endorsements, vloggers want to spark debate and engage with their audience.x


How Much Do YouTube Influencers Cost? 

YouTube influencers charge based on the following: 

  • Nano YouTube Influencers ($20- $200) per video 
  • Micro YouTube Influencers ($200- $1000) per video 
  • Mid-tier YouTube Influencers ($1000- $10,000) per video 
  • Macro YouTube Influencers ($10,000- $20,000) per video 
  • Mega YouTube Influencers ($2000+) per video 

Youtube Influencers written with Youtube logo
Youtube Influencers

How to Find YouTube Influencers? 

Choosing the best YouTube influencers for the brand can be beneficial, but it can take time. Moreover, it can appear vast and daunting for individuals unfamiliar with influencers. Here is the step-by-step guide about how to find YouTube influencers


  • Search by Hashtags: 

Hashtags are an excellent method for locating relevant influencers for the brand. Hashtags are frequently used in YouTube videos and aid in promoting and expediting people's searches. Trying to dig through industries can help you find influencers talking about similar topics. These influencers will spark genuine conversations and interactions. Connecting with influencers about issues relevant to the brand produces authenticity in content. These influencers will drive real conversions and interest. 


  • Trending Tab on YouTube: 

This is a straightforward method for locating the best YouTube content creators. Simply navigate to the YouTube account, select "Explore," and then select the "Trending" link at the top of the display, and it automatically displays what people are currently watching. Next, enter keywords related to your company, brand, or specialized search field. Influencers who appear are popular and reach a significant audience, and collaborating with them will increase interest in your company. 

Remember that YouTube operates on an algorithm and also that influencers who are famous today may simply vanish tomorrow. This is why it is critical to choose the right influencer. Look for popular influencers who have the highest performance metrics, subscribers, and audience engagement. 


  • Platforms for Influencers: 

One of the best places to find the top Video influencers is on platforms explicitly designed for this purpose. offers its customers excellent service, enabling businesses to easily find YouTube creators in their speciality open to cooperation and collaboration and reach out to them via the platform. 


How to Measure YouTube's Influence? 


Measuring audience reaction to YouTube influencer campaigns has typically been difficult for marketers. Even though YouTube influencer marketing is a digital advertising channel where changes are commonly tracked using the last identification methods, last-touch monitoring does not acquire true campaign worth. Here are some metrics for measuring YouTube Influence


  • Affiliate Links: 

The simplest way to measure YouTube Influence is by using affiliate links in your influencer marketing campaigns. Create a separate affiliate link for every influencer with whom you are collaborating. These connections will provide information such as the number of visitors to the brand's website, the number of sales, and the average value of orders for those sales. Keep in mind that affiliate links have tracking restrictions. For example, a shopper may make a purchase 90 days after seeing a product on an influencer's website. If that shopper purchases the product online or in-store, you won't be able to link the purchase to social influencers. 


  • Traffic Sources: 

Recognizing where the traffic is coming from is among the best ways to ensure that the YouTube creator you collaborated with did not buy any views. The channels will also assist you in determining which sources provide the best retention. 


  • Demographics of Audience: 

Awareness of who the audience is will give you a better understanding of whom you have reached and insight into which customer personas convert the best from YouTube influencers

Tips for Creating a Successful YouTube Influencer Marketing Program: 


Here are some best tips for creating a successful YouTube influencer marketing program


  • Set Goals: 

Choosing the best influencer fit for the brand is unquestionably the most crucial step, and there are numerous variables to consider. The influencer's focus strategy should be complementary to the brand's niche. 

This ensures that the influencer is a specialist in the industry or, at the very least, a credible voice in the field. For example, it makes it more likely that someone who creates food preparation tutorials is advertising for a cookware company. Aside from being niche, the influencer ought to have a related voice and primary audience to the brand. 


  • Authentic Content: 

If you are working with a knowledgeable content creator, they will almost surely have more than enough content ideas for the campaign. They most likely have such a keen knowledge of the kinds of content that their target audience gets to enjoy and reacts to. Look to specific other successful programs for inspiration. For example, recognize the prominence of YouTube unboxing videos. An advertiser unpacks and explores the item in this content format, offering potential customers a better knowledge of what you are offering. You might also take inspiration from TV commercials and create a vlog-style ad that shows how the influencer uses the product effectively. 


  • Monitor Performance: 

You would like to assess whether you have met your goals throughout the campaign and at the end. If the clip received a lot of views, it is safe to say the content contributed to increased product or brand awareness. However, the view count is only one metric that counts, mainly if you have set different specific objectives. In the video description, include a tracking link that directs viewers to the brand's webpage and then analyzes how much traffic the clip produced. If you wish to measure the impact of the video on sales, request that the influencer include a discount code inside the content. When viewers of the YouTube clip attempt to purchase on the product page, they will enter the searchable code. 

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Youtube Influencer


Wrap Up

A YouTube influencer is mainly a content producer who has formed themselves as an expert in a specific domain and built a large following on YouTube. The total subscribers of a channel and views per video are good estimators of their subscribers' size. Using Expin, the best social marketing campaign platform, you can grow your business through influencers.





Who is the best YouTube influencer? 

MrBeast is among the most subscribed channels on YouTube, and it is also one of the best communities. He has very encouraging subscribers, evidenced by his 4% engagement rate and outstanding buzz percentage. In addition, his clips are consistently impressive. 


How much do YouTube influencers charge? 

YouTube Influencers charge based on the following: 

  • Nano YouTube Influencers ($20- $200) per video 
  • Micro YouTube Influencers ($200- $1000) per video 
  • Mid-tier YouTube Influencers ($1000- $10,000) per video 
  • Macro YouTube Influencers ($10,000- $20,000) per video 
  • Mega YouTube Influencers ($2000+) per video 


What is the best way to reach YouTube influencers? 

To choose YouTube influencers, look for the hashtags 'sponsored' or 'ad' plus according to your niche. There will almost certainly be a lot of paid advertisements and content, and such YouTube posts are specifically designed to promote and advertise a service or product for a company. 


How impactful is YouTube influencer marketing? 

YouTube is the most widely used platform for influencer marketing and is an essential component of the company's influencer marketing campaign. This means that YouTube is an excellent place to start if you are searching for a new outlet for the brand's influencer marketing campaign.