Frequently asked questions

How the app works

How long does it take to get approved on a request?

This usually varies amongst merchants. Some are faster than others. This also depends on your profile, each time you complete a booking, the merchant will give you a review, the more positive your reviews are, the faster you will get approved for other experiences.

How do I unlock my account?


I got approved for a delivery type of experience how do I get the voucher?

Most of our delivery experiences have vouchers but not all, to find out, simply Click on bookings Select the How to order section If you do not find a voucher, please read the How to place your order instructions clearly.

Walk In experiences

Where do I find the PIN number?

The PIN is a number that will be provided to you by the merchant upon arrival at the venue. It is very important to enter it, otherwise it will count as a No-show on your profile. 3 no-shows may suspend your account.

How can I reschedule a booking?

You can reschedule a booking once only, and must be at least 24 hours prior to the booking. Please go to Bookings. Click on Reschedule. Select the desired date/time. Confirm.