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Abu Dhabi Culinary - "A Taste Of Festive" Campaign

Abu Dhabi Culinary, in collaboration with Expin, has embarked on an ongoing campaign to enhance brand awareness, boost engagement, uplift sales, and strengthen its connection with the local community. As part of this partnership, an exciting festive campaign was planned to celebrate the holiday season, showcasing the cultural significance of festive dishes through influencers' experiences at various restaurants.


Influencer Strategy

The Festive Campaign aimed to achieve several objectives, including brand awareness, engagement boost, sales uplift, and community connection. To realize these objectives, the influencer strategy focused on:

  • Collaborating with influencers who embody the festive spirit and have a local connection.
  • Seeking influencers with diverse audiences to ensure broad reach and engagement.
  • Targeting influencers with a strong presence in the UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi, and an engaged audience in lifestyle and dining.
  • Using the campaign tagline "A Taste Of Festive."

Campaign Execution:

The "Festive Flavors Journey" was designed to celebrate the cultural significance of festive dishes during the holiday season. The action plan consisted of three key phases:

Pre-launch Preparation (Week 1):

Identifying and onboarding influencers aligned with the campaign theme. Developing influencer agreements outlining expectations, deliverables, and timelines.

Content Creation (Week 2):

Collaborating with influencers for pre-launch teaser content to build anticipation. Introducing influencers and their chosen festive dishes, giving a glimpse into the campaign's core content.

Launch and Engagement (Week 3-4):

Official Campaign Launch: Kicking off the "Festive Journey" campaign and sharing the stories and meanings behind each influencer's chosen festive dish. Content Sharing: Influencers visiting 3 restaurants of their choice and sharing their experiences.

KPIs & Measurements:

The success of the "Festive Flavors" campaign was measured through the following key performance indicators:

  • Instagram Impressions and IG-TikTok Reach: Measuring the campaign's impact through increased impressions and reach on the restaurant's social media platforms.
  • Engagement Rates: Tracking engagement rates on influencer posts and user-generated content.
  • Community Participation: Assessing the number of participants in the Interactive Festive Challenges and user-generated content submissions.
The Results

Achieving Remarkable Social Awareness In The UAE

The "Festive Flavors Journey" campaign, executed in collaboration with Expin, successfully celebrated the cultural significance of festive dishes during the holiday season. It engaged the audience and encouraged them to explore unique culinary experiences while joining in the festive celebration. The campaign not only increased brand awareness and engagement but also uplifted sales and strengthened the brand's connection with the local community.

In addition to the festive campaign, Abu Dhabi Culinary also collaborated with Mega influencers in the "Chef's Table" campaign. Influencers like Taim Al Falasi, Ayman Yaman, Dana DXB, and more were carefully chosen based on influencer data provided by Expin. This data included engagement rates, local followers, and demographics, allowing merchants to confidently approve influencers. This influencer-driven approach significantly boosted brand recognition, customer interest, and engagement.

Abu Dhabi Culinary and Expin's ongoing partnership continues to enhance the brand's presence and create memorable culinary experiences in the region.

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