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User-Generated Content

Find & Work with the Best UGC creators For Your Brand

Our platform connects you with top influencers in the UAE, ensuring genuine engagement and high-quality user-generated content (UGC) to boost your brand's visibility and credibility.

UGC is your go-to ad format in 2024.

79% of people

Say user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions

Source: Stackla

4x higher click-through rates

Ads featuring UGC receive 4x higher click-through rates compared to traditional ads

Source: Hootsuite

50% more trusted

UGC is 50% more trusted by consumers than other types of media

Source: Nielsen

1. Create a UGC campaign in Just a few minutes

Simply choose the type of content you need and provide basic details such as product info, creator language, and content format. Add any additional instructions or references to ensure creators understand your vision.

حملة تسويق المؤثر

2. Creators Come to You in 24 Hours

Based on your filters, matching creators will apply to your campaign within the first few hours. Review their portfolios and select the ones that best fit your brand. We'll handle the rest.

3. Get UGC in 7-10 Days

Once creators receive your products, you'll start receiving high-quality UGC within a week. Browse the content, select your favorites, and enjoy unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.

UGC Centric Features

Experienced UGC Creators

Our platform connects you with skilled UGC creators for unboxing and paid ads content, in both English and Arabic.

Video Brief

Create clear and concise video briefs to ensure creators fully understand your vision, eliminating misunderstandings.

Multi Nationalities

Whether you need a Saudi UGC creator or a British creator in Dubai, we have a diverse pool of creators to meet your needs.

Multiple Revisions

Enjoy unlimited revisions until you’re completely satisfied with the content.

Creative Hooks

The first 3 seconds are crucial. Our creators know how to capture attention right from the start.

Quick Turn-around

Get high-quality UGC content delivered quickly to keep your campaigns running smoothly.

Sample UGC Content

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