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Experience the ease of achieving high-quality UGC and authentic engagement with minimal effort through our Gifting platform.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Platform

Lifestyle Brands

Expand your reach and engagement through influencer collaborations, streamlining your marketing efforts without additional resources.

E-Commerce Brands

Drive sales and online engagement with authentic UGC from influencers, bypassing the need for additional advertising costs.


Eliminate the high costs of traditional marketing by leveraging influencers to increase foot traffic and brand awareness.

4 Easy Steps To Create A Campaign

Starting your first campaign on Expin is quick and effortless. Follow these four simple steps to get your campaign up and running.

Expin Platform Features

Fake Follower Detection

AI and ML based tools detect and weed out fake followers, so that you get genuine influencers, always.

Omni Channel
(Instagram - TikTok - Snapchat)

The only influencer-finder platform to offer solutions across all three major channels – Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat.

Improve Business Reviews

Get better Google Business Reviews with real users leaving genuine feedback. Available on TripAdvisor and other channels as well.

Approve/Reject Influencer Requests

You control who you want to work with, with the power to approve or reject influencer requests.

Micro and Macro Influencers

Collaborate with Instagram, SnapChat, and TikTok influencers, ranging from 5K to over 12 million followers.

Monthly Reports

Get reports on how your influencer marketing campaign is performing – reach, impressions, taps and more – all at your fingertips.

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