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Chocomelt Ramadan Campaign

ChocoMelt, renowned for its exclusive desserts and specialty coffee, launched an exciting Ramadan campaign to unveil its new branding and flagship product, The ChocoMelt Cake (TCC). Partnering with Expin, they aimed to spread joy and tradition across diverse markets during this sacred season.


The Challenge We Faced

Rebranding across markets and launching TCC during Ramadan while maintaining tradition and excitement posed a challenge for ChocoMelt.

The Solution We Brought

ChocoMelt collaborated with Expin, leveraging influencer marketing to amplify their message and engage audiences across platforms.


With 40 influencers, including micro and mega, ChocoMelt seamlessly integrated its products into engaging content, driving traffic to and increasing footfall at branches.

The Results

Huge Success and Local Recognition

The campaign exceeded expectations, boosting sales and brand loyalty while positioning TCC as the star of Ramadan.

Key Takeaways

Strategic influencer collaboration, diverse influencer mix, and Expin's expertise were instrumental in campaign success.

ChocoMelt's Ramadan campaign exemplifies the power of influencer marketing in driving brand awareness, engagement, and success during key marketing initiatives.

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