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OSN+ Collaboration with expin

OSN, the leading entertainment network in the MENA region, aimed to boost its user base and subscriptions for the OSN+ streaming platform. To achieve this, OSN partnered with Expin to launch a dynamic influencer marketing campaign that would leverage the power of user-generated content shared by influencers.

The Strategy

Campaign Objectives:

In collaboration with Expin, OSN designed a comprehensive influencer strategy to achieve the campaign objectives:

Influencer Selection:

  • Collaborated with 100 influencers based on various factors, such as audience demographics, reach, and engagement.
  • Carefully curated a mix of influencers from diverse backgrounds to appeal to a broader audience.

Content Creation:

  • Tasked influencers with creating user-generated content highlighting their experiences with the OSN+ streaming platform.
  • Encouraged influencers to share their genuine reviews, reactions, and recommendations regarding OSN+ content.

Social Media Activation:

  • Influencers were required to post the user-generated content on their social media platforms, tagging OSN and using campaign-specific hashtags #لاـ تخلي ـ لحظة ـ تفوتك
  • The campaign spanned over a 3-month timeframe to create excitement.

Collaborative User-Generated Content:

OSN and Expin worked with influencers to ensure that the user-generated content seamlessly integrated with the influencer's existing content style, making it more authentic and engaging.

The Results

Achieving Magnificent Results for OSN+

The OSN+ Collaborative Influencer Campaign, executed in partnership with Expin, yielded significant results:

  • Increased Subscriptions: The campaign significantly boosted the number of new subscribers to the OSN+ streaming platform.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Users who were already subscribed became more engaged, watching a wider range of content on the platform.
  • Raised Brand Awareness: The campaign brought a surge in brand visibility and recognition.
  • Authentic Recommendations: The user-generated content shared by influencers led to authentic recommendations that resonated with their followers, resulting in higher trust and interest in the OSN+ platform.

The OSN+ Collaborative Influencer Campaign, a partnership between OSN and Expin, successfully harnessed the influence of 100 influencers to create engaging user-generated content. This campaign not only increased OSN+ platform subscriptions but also enhanced user engagement and brand visibility. The authentic recommendations provided by influencers became a trusted source of information for their followers, resulting in substantial growth in the platform's user base.

OSN and Expin's collaborative approach continues to be a driving force in expanding the reach and success of the OSN+ streaming platform.

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